Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Baking 101! Take 1#

I came across this delightful book called - "A little course in... Baking" which teaches you everything you need to know in baking - from whipping to sifting to folding to creaming.
There are a plethora of recipe books that I have which have been lying around waiting to be used, being gazed at while I ask mom if she has the required ingredients in her wonderfully stocked larder (yes that's what I love to call it!). I am very sure they are all yearning to get marked with a fleck of cocoa here or a smudge of watermark there as I use them. And thus I decided to to try something new! Bake a little and learn along!

So the title says Baking 101! Why?
It is my personal initiative to "learn" baking. And while I do so, I will share the best moments, lovely pictures and also things that I learn on the way.
Hope you enjoy it!
Bon App├ętit!

*The recipes are pure adaptations of the book "A little course in... Baking" and I claim no intellectual rights over it.

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